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We acquired the then Kripalu Yoga Centre in 2012. What was needed at the time was investment, expansion, more styles of Yoga as well as more flexible payment options. The centre had been operating already for ten years. So we are now in year 17!

Then a change of name to reflect the different styles of yoga that were going to be included in our programme.

We spent many days and even weeks sourcing the best, most highly trained and professional Yoga teachers to offer our clients variety as well as keeping them safe in their practice. All of our teachers are trained in anatomy and have trained with various Yoga schools worldwide.

Part of our expansion programme was to install hot Yoga panels and we now offer a very successful Hot Yoga programme as well as classic Yoga. This has attracted more males to the centre so there is now more of a balance with the genders. At the same time we installed two new shower rooms.

We converted the building this year in 2017 and now celebrate the arrival of studio no 2. This now enables us to teach more therapeutic yoga, clients with MS, ME and various other medical conditions who feel the benefit both mentally and physically from a gentle  Yoga practice. Studio 2 is smaller and is on the ground floor of the building.

We have nurtured a fun and lovely bunch of students here who practice their yoga together in a non intimidating, safe and clean environment. A light and airy studio with easy parking, showers and changing facilities.

Due to Covid-19, we are now live streaming our classes online.

No big egos here as Yoga is for everyone, and even as teachers we are learning from our students and how their physical bodies respond to our teaching. A buzzy vibe, great atmosphere coupled with good old fashioned service and fantastic Yoga. No corporate inflexible rules as we are privately run, owned and managed.

Looking forward to seeing you soon if you haven’t visited us before and if you have thank you for your loyalty and support here at the YOGA CENTRE DORKING.

Namaste from Serena, Dave, Lou and the team.

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